GeForms 1.8: Software for creating a variety of personalized office stationeries and forms.

GeForms 1.8

GeForms is software that can be used for creating a variety of personalized office stationeries and forms. The program provides sophisticated form design tools, which allow you to create forms from scratch or enhance forms created from a template. GeForms also allows you to visually fill out a pre-printed form and print it. Take any paper form, scan it with GeForms. You`ve got an electronic form that you can fill out right on your computer screen

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Ringtone Expressions Ringtone Expressions is the fastest, coolest way to get ringtones on to phones.

Ringtone Expressions

Welcome to Ringtone Expressions, the ultimate way for you to create and express your ringtones . It lets you create your own ringtones from the music files in your music library. It Supports all modern day phones including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Android and other smartphones.Create ringtones from YouTube or from your microphone directly with just a few clicks! Simply create amazing ringtones by adding effects to them!

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The Pre-School Partner 5.2: The Pre-School Partner Daycare Management Software

The Pre-School Partner 5.2

The Pre-School Partner, has been specifically designed for the daily administration of day care and pre-school centers. Its primary goal is to aid the pre-school provider in the functions of family and child registration, staff management, billing of services provided, collections of receivables and the tracking of vaccinations. All this plus over 70 family, child and staff related reports.

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Inventory List Spreadsheet 1.0

preadsheet include the ability to pre-define the re-order point and the inventory total value. When units in stock are within your pre-determined mini inventory level, the status field indicates "Reorder". The status field indicates "In Stock" when units in stock exceed your reorder tolerance level. When no units remain in stock, the status field indicates "Out of Stock". The inventory value function is helping you keep tracking your inventory item

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SoftAmbulance Uneraser 4.59: Recover lost and deleted files automatically from all kinds of media

SoftAmbulance Uneraser 4.59

Undelete and recover files deleted from hard disks, USB drives and flash memory drives reliably and automatically with SoftAmbulance Uneraser. The recovery tool is simple and easy to use, yet packs sophisticated data recovery technologies under the hood. Pre-recovery preview allows viewing deleted files before recovery, and the proprietary Deep Search technology makes it possible to recover files from badly damaged and severely corrupted media.

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SCML MAIL MERGE PRINTER 2.00.0002: A complete mail merge solution for your Visual Basic application.


The SCMLsoftware Mail Merge is a complete mail merge solution that can easily be integrated in your Visual Basic applications. It features: Print/preview the merged document with your own margin settings. Inserting page breaks in the RTF text. Print/preview the corresponding labels (159 pre-defined Avery formats). Print/preview direct envelope printing.

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